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We had a bit of a celebration to mark the milestone of 10 years since the Watertight Marketing book came out at the end of January. With all due credit to Bernard Cribbins for the original song, Tony Coll, wrote and performed a custom witty ditty for the event. It was superb. ~ Bryony Thomas, Author & Founder

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To celebrate world book day, help yourself to a digital copy of Watertight Marketing.

And here are the lyrics…

“Right” said Bry, “I’m doing my MBA

“And this Sales Funnel model’s looking sillier every day.
“My research is targeting how people do their marketing
“And they are getting nowhere!” | And then she had a cup of tea and…

“Right” said Bry, “the model needs some tweaks

“We’ll add sieves and filters and thirteen kinds of leaks.
“If the taps are cascading but the water keeps escaping
“It means you’re getting nowhere!” | And then she had cup of tea and…

Bryony had a think, and she thought she ought

To add some modifications | And then the Four Flow Foundations
Now it was looking good like she always knew it would

“All right” said Bry, “we need a fancy title

“Something that conveys the idea of staying dry
“Deserts and cactus, maybe eucalyptus?”
She was getting nowhere | And so she had a cup of tea and…

‘Non-drip Marketing’ wasn’t quite right

As a title for Bry’s invention
Nor any other terms you could mention
Til the perfect name, in a flash to her it came

“Oh right” said Bry, “Watertight it is then!

“A transformation programme that fixes all your leaks
“It’s a book and other resources, consultancy and courses
“And it’s going everywhere! | So now let’s have a cup of tea and…

“Right” said Bry, “I need to spread the word out

“I need more pseudonyms for when I go and speak
And no one forgot her when she was The Elephant Spotter
Or The Million Pound Cat Stealer | And so she had a cup of tea and…

“Right”, said Bry, “the book is ten years old now

“We’ve busted all predictions for the copies being sold!”
Now she’s on a mission to plug the new edition
And also launch a charity
So let’s raise a cheer to the woman of the year
Who deserves her cup of tea!

Tony Coll

Lyrics and performance by Tony Coll

Tony Coll is a funny songwriter, broadcaster and a speaker and trainer on media and presentations. Tony can be booked to give that little something special to your event.

Growth in Challenging Times

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