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Join our friendly members’ club to get the right marketing ticked off each month.

Are you a marketing professional or consultant?

You can add to your own professional toolkit and credentials by becoming a Watertight Marketing Certified Practitioner to use within in-house or consultancy roles.

Who, and what, is Watertight Thinking?

Watertight Business Thinking is a proven process designed and refined over two decades and across more than 3500 businesses. It gives you a powerful thinking toolkit, and a common language to lock-in the success you’ve worked hard for and sustain healthy sales growth. We typically work with organisations at around £2-£20m turnover, or aspiration.

Are you a marketing agency?

Nope. We don’t do sales or marketing for our clients. We train, equip, empower, and support them to do it themselves. We don’t write copy, do design, run campaigns, manage websites, or do telemarketing. We embed a common language, and a core set of benchmarking and decision-making tools and processes in your business so that when you do invest in this stuff, it delivers!

What type of marketing do you cover?
Watertight Marketing is an end-to-end strategic planning toolkit. It is a set of thinking tools and frameworks that equip you to design and run an effective marketing operation. It will allow you to assess and select the right marketing tools and techniques for your business, from the latest digital technologies to the best of traditional techniques.
Are you business-to-business or consumer focused?

 We have successfully covered both, and also employer and charity marketing. If what you offer chosen through a series of reflective steps, then we can help. Regardless of sector. The longer the customer or decision journey, the more we have to offer. If you aim to build long-term relationships then Watertight will be enormously valuable. Conversely, if what you offer is selected on impulse, and is more of a one-off than long term relationship, we’ll have less to help you.

What size of organisation do you work with?
The real sweet spot for a Watertight Thinking engagement is a £2-20m turnover business that wants to systemise to scale. Typically, clients have upwards of 20 people in their team. The larger a business is, the more hands-on and tailored our engagements become.
How do you work with clients?
There are three ways to work with us to grow your business:

  1. Courses: We have a comprehensive learning platform that trains people fully in the tools.
  2. Consultancy: We can audit and configure an engagement to assess and step up your marketing.
  3. Club: A supportive members’ club for marketers using Watertight.

We also provide certification for marketing professionals wanting to add to their skills and credentials.

How much does it cost to work with you?
Our members’ club starts at £87 per month, and a typical transformation programme comes in at around £120k, with options anywhere between those two price points. We also have lots of free resources in the toolkit to get you started and cheer you on in putting the book into powerful effect yourself.
Watertight Courses

Courses | Consultancy | Club

We offer a range of courses that can either cover the methodology for Watertight end-to-end customer and employee pathways, or zoom in on a particular topic like budgeting or measurement. These are offered as video-guided online courses, and all include one-to-one live coaching.

“I’ve designed and refined these courses from research that originated in my award-winning MBA dissertation in 2006. My focus since then has been translating complex concepts into practical business tools, and getting these across in ways that click and stick!”

Bryony Thomas

Founder, Watertight Business Thinking

Some Common Questions about Courses

What do your courses cover?
We train people to understand and use the Watertight Thinking tools to guide their growth strategy and marketing decisions. You can choose to study the methodology end-to-end at one of three depths, or dive into one key tool or area you want to focus on.
Who are your courses for?

The methodology course is available at three depths:

  • Essentials: suitable for non-marketers or early career marketing professionals.
  • Intensive: A quick run through at depth to get the big picture, suitable for marketing managers and business leaders with a growth mandate.
  • Mastery: For senior marketers in or aiming for a directorial or strategic consultancy roles.

Or, you can choose to do one chapter or one tactical deep dive. These are best taken either by marketers or under the leadership of a marketer building a team or collaborating with non-marketing peers. For example, you may wish your finance director to do the budgeting chapter, and your account managers to look at the tactics for driving customer loyalty.

How are your courses delivered?
All of our courses are available via the Watertight Webschool. This is a learning platform where courses are delivered as carefully sequenced video tutorials, workbooks and topic tests. Each course also has an allocation of coaching calls that you can use to get tailored support as you progress through the materials.

We can add in-house sessions or workshops to this when you have a group of people doing courses with us, and you will be invited to join us at our annual conference and Watertight Weekend in-person sessions as we run them.

Do learners get CPD points or a qualification?
We will issue a letter that confirms the hours of study undertaken and topics covered, which can be used by most professional bodies as evidence of CPD.

If you wish to add to your credentials, you can choose to sit the exam & coursework at the end of your study to achieve Watertight Marketing Certified Professional status. You will need to sit the recap exam each year to maintain your status.

How much do your courses cost?
Our full methodology courses start from £3000, and stand-alone topics are available from £250. Prices are subject to VAT. Packages can be configured for groups of delegates from one organisation.

All courses include access to our consulting tools in a powerful software

Whilst you are actively engaged in one of our courses you will have access to the core modules within our powerful software, which is currently in beta. If you wish to continue using these when you complete your course, you will be able to subscribe.

Call us on 0117 325 7725, or use the button to book a video call.


Courses | Consultancy | Club

If you want hands-on support and expert guidance on applying the Watertight approach to your business, we can configure a consultancy engagement for you. The route into this is through an initial Flow Foundations Audit.

“There’s almost nothing I enjoy more in my professional life than getting stuck into an audit with a client. The process we’ve designed is so insightful, and I’m always blown away with the real difference it makes.”
Rachael Wheatley

MD, Watertight Business Thinking

Some Common Questions about Consultancy

What does a consultancy engagement involve?
Typically, we start with a Flow Foundations Audit. In this, we find out more about your business and marketing, sales and service operations. We deep dive into what’s going on, what’s working, what’s not, and where you want to get to. We’ll use relevant tools to audit and benchmark where you are before making recommendations and providing a roadmap. Then outline the journey towards your destination with a mixture of consulting, training, coaching and hands-on work.
How long does an engagement last?
Our engagements range from twelve weeks for an audit and actions plan, to two years for a full marketing transformation. Before we work with you and based on our initial conversations, we’ll agree with you the size, shape, and reasons for our recommendations. Typically our involvement goes down over time as we gradually hand over the reins to you.
How does this work if we don't have a marketing team?
We’ve worked with many businesses who are yet to recruit a marketer in-house. If you’re at a point where you know you need to take marketing seriously as a growth lever but are not quite sure what is involved in building, growing, and embedding it as a way of thinking, then we can help. At some point, it’s highly likely we’ll recommend recruiting a marketer to work in the business (and we can help with that too).
What if we already have a marketing team?

We love working alongside marketers at all levels. It’s probably when we’re able to deliver our very best work. In fact, we were all once in exactly the same positions and completely understand what it takes to make this work! An engagement with us will energise your existing team in three key ways:

1. Learning and development.
2. Help to position marketing strategically at the heart of the business.
3. Build a common language across the whole organisation.

Our aim is to enable your marketing, sales and service teams to truly thrive, creating healthy flow in your business.

How much does a consultancy engagement cost?

A 12-week Flow Foundations Audit typically costs £25,000, and gives you a deep insight into precisely what, and in what order, you need to focus on to put an organisational marketing capability at the heart of healthy business.

All consultancy includes access to our tools in a powerful software

Whilst you are actively engaged in consultancy project with us you will have access to the core modules within our powerful software, which is currently in beta. If you wish to continue using these when you complete your engagement, you will be able to subscribe.

Call us on 0117 325 7725, or use the button to book a video call.

CoursesConsultancy | Club

A practical and supportive club for people using Watertight in their businesses to get expert input, share ideas and get stuff done!

“The club is so much fun to run. I’m a real sleeves-up ‘get it done’ person, and I absolutely love seeing our members get the right marketing ticked off their lists each month!”
Cheryl Crichton

Lead Coach, Make Marketing Happen Club

Some Common Questions about the Club

Who is your members' club for?

The Make Marketing Happen Club is for people whose job it is to get the marketing done for your business. That could be a solo marketer, or a small team. It’s a perfect resource to help you to manage, energise and develop your marketers. Members are most commonly marketing execs or managers in £2-20m turnover businesses, and if there’s a marketing director – they would join too.

How does it work?
We offer a time-table of live online support activities. These include ‘Get it Done Days’, Topic Roundtables, 5-day challenges and Ask Almost Anything sessions. There is also a valuable and growing vault of tools, templates and tips for you to access whenever you need it.
What's our commitment?
We offer annual memberships, payable in advance.
How much individual attention do members' get?

All Club activities are run online via Zoom or video replay. The more you ask and engage, the more you’ll get from it all. There’s a full day of live drop in once a month, and 90-minutes of Q&A. If you ever want some one-to-one support, you can simply add-on a mentoring session as and when you need it.

How much does it cost?
Our members’ club starts at the equivalent to £87 per month, with excellent prices available when you bring further members of your team on board. Prices are subject to VAT, and are payable annually in advance.

All club membership includes access to our tools in a powerful software

Whilst you are actively engaged in the Make Marketing Happen Club you will have access to the core modules within our powerful software, which is currently in beta. If you wish to continue using these outside of club membership you will be able to subscribe.

Call us on 0117 325 7725, or use the button to book a video call.

I’d recommend Watertight to any business that was trying to educate its people or its clients in doing something different.

Brian Warren

MD, Nviro

“The Watertight Marketing methodology has been invaluable for our company. This isn’t your traditional marketing theory. This is a company wide approach that gets to the root of all aspects of a business. Thank you!”
Dougal Hawes

MD, Smartbox Assistive Technology

“Working systematically with Watertight Marketing meant we achieved for our business in three years what I thought would take seven. Thank you.”
Karen Meager

Co-Founder, Monkey Puzzle

Working with Watertight

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