Hello, I’m Bryony Thomas

Author & Founder of Watertight Marketing

The best way to work out if Watertight Marketing might be the next growth lever your scaling business needs is to take our 10-minute test to assess your current marketing capability.

Transform Your Capability

Lock in the success you’ve worked hard for by embedding a company-side system over a 2-year transformation that gives you marketing muscle memory.

Translate Your Knowledge

Translate conceptual marketing knowledge into practical business-building know-how with training and mentoring for your marketers.

Proven Marketing Process

Marketing That Makes Sense

Supporting Healthy Sales Flow

Watertight Marketing is an end-to-end marketing methodology, with a proven and sequenced process that means you can pinpoint precisely where to focus your energy, and continually make manageable improvements that gain momentum step-by-step.

Proven across more than 2000 organisations

Designed and refined over two decades

Captured in the best-selling book

Delivered by experienced and qualified practitioners

Accessible via government funded apprenticeship

Four Foundations of Marketing Fitness

Supporting Healthy Sales Flow

Working with us ensures that you have clear answers to these four critical questions so that your marketing has the foundations to support more and better sales flow.

Flow Foundation 1

First Flow Foundation

The Right Work

To whom are you offering what?

Flow Foundation 1

Second Flow Foundation

Balanced Routine

How will you support their decision?

Flow Foundation 1

Third Flow Foundation

Baseline Rhythm

When and how often will you show up?

Flow Foundation 1

Fourth Flow Foundation

Maintain Momentum

Why, and with what goals and milestones?

Who, and what, is Watertight Marketing for?

Watertight Marketing is a proven process, a powerful thinking toolkit, and a common language for a business that wants to lock-in the success they’ve worked hard for. We typically work with organisations at around £2-£20 turnover or aspiration. We can work alongside you over a 2-year transformation, train your marketers in the approach, or support then day to day on our members’ club. The methodology has been proven to work in business-to-business, high-end consumer, public sector and not-for-profit organisations.

Some Common Questions

What type of marketing do you cover?

Watertight Marketing is an end-to-end strategic planning toolkit. It is a set of thinking tools and frameworks that equip you to design and run an effective marketing operation. It will allow you to assess and select the right marketing tools and techniques for your business, from the latest digital technologies to the best of traditional techniques.

Are you business-to-business or consumer focused?

We have successfully covered both, and also employer and charity marketing. Regardless of sector, if what you offer chosen through a series of reflective steps, then we can help. The longer the customer or decision journey, the more we have to offer. If you aim to build long-term relationships then Watertight will be enormously valuable. Alternatively, if what you offer is selected on impulse, and is more of a one-off than long term relationship, we’ll have less to help you.

What size of organisation do you work with?

The real sweet spot for a Watertight Marketing engagement is a £2-20m turnover business that wants to systemise to scale. Typically, clients have upwards of 20 people in their team. The larger a business is, the more hands-on and tailored our engagements become.

How do you work with clients?

There are three ways to work with us; 1) Transform: A comprehensive two-year change programme, 2) Translate: Training and mentoring for marketers at all levels, 3) Tackle: A supportive members’ club for marketers using Watertight.

How much does it cost to work with you?

Our members’ club starts at £87 per month, and a typical transformation programme comes in at around £120k, with options anywhere between those two price points. We also have lots of free resources in the toolkit to get you started and cheer you on in putting the book into powerful effect yourself.

What are your marketing challenges?

To understand if Watertight Marketing might be what you’ve been looking for, please book a time to chat it through with us. It would be useful for us to have a sense of your current set-up, goals and challenges for this call. Please have a think about:

  • What’s the big dream for your organisation?
  • What are the medium term goals for your organisation?
  • How is marketing currently resourced?
  • What are your key marketing challenges?
  • What does success in working with someone us like for you?
  • What appeals to you about Watertight Marketing?

“The Touchpoint Leak™ Assessment is the best tool I have ever seen in helping someone organise their marketing priorities while taking in the whole picture. I’m going to be recommending it to all my customers – it’s a must.”

Nicola Cook

Founder, Company Shortcuts

“The Watertight Marketing methodology has been invaluable for our company. This isn’t your traditional marketing theory. This is a company wide approach that gets to the root of all aspects of a business. Thank you!”

Dougal Hawes

MD, Smartbox Assistive Technology

“Working systematically with Watertight Marketing meant we achieved for our business in three years what I thought would take seven. Thank you.”

Karen Meager

Co-Founder, Monkey Puzzle

Working with Watertight

Webschool 150

Transform Your Marketing

Step up to world class marketing performance with a 24 month fully supported transformation programme.

Webschool 150

Translate Your Knowledge

Translate conceptual marketing knowledge into practical business-building know-how with training and mentoring for your marketing team at every level.

Webschool 150

Tackle Your To-do List

Join our members’ club for marketing people who want a bit of structure, insight, and camaraderie in their role.

Get your marketing on firm foundations.

Focus your efforts on what matters.

Achieve sustainable and scaleable sales results.

Small businesses matter.

Thriving small businesses are the results of countless hours of emotional and financial energy. Often the founders and directors have risked their mortgages, marriages, mental health, and more. When these people, and the leaders within their businesses, tell us that their marketing isn’t working as well as they want it to, we know it really matters.