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Free Digital Book

Help yourself to a free digital copy of the second edition of Watertight Marketing.

The Blog

With over a decade. of Watertight Wisdom from Bryony, Rachael and Cheryl.

Rachael's Write-ups

Read the strategic roundtable write-up from Rachael Wheatley.

Research Paper

The Four Foundations of Healthy Business Growth. 

Get The Most From Your Book

A 30-minute run through of what readers have told us set them up for success.

The PodBlog

Bryony selects the best from the blog archive to read out as short podcast episodes.

Roundtable Replays

Listen back to the previous strategic roundtable sessions.

Your Starter Workbook

A simple exercise for every chapter in the Watertight Marketing book.

Watertight Wednesdays

Join our monthly roundtable for senior marketers talking strategy.

Monthly Masterclasses

Join a live masterclass each month looking at marketing leadership, strategy and productivity.

Self Serve Starter Materials

£18.50 | Signed Book

Get a signed paperback copy of the Watertight Marketing book.

£10 | Touchpoint Leaks Poster

A3 poster of the Touchpoint Leaks with assessment questions and themes.

Free | Starter Workbook

A simple exercise for every chapter in the Watertight Marketing book.

£250 | Touchpoint Leak Traffic Light

A video-guided Touchpoint Leak Traffic Light Report to prioritise your focus in the customer journey.

Free | Watertight Test

Assess your business against the Flow Foundations to see if your marketing is set-up to underpin growth.

£250 | Leadership Workshop

3-hour video set of a session by Bryony Thomas exploring growth foundations for business leaders.

Watertight Workshops

Book us to run a half or full day for your board, senior leadership, or marketers, sales & service teams.

James Maile AJS Asset Care
James Maile

“Thanks again for delivering the best course I’ve ever attended.”

Gordon Plant Basekit
Gordon Plant

“I’ve never felt more able to follow through on a sessions learning objectives.”

Luke Warren, CEO Kinetic
Luke Warren, CEO

“This really was the most engaging talk I’ve attended to date, being both actionable and accessible.”

Leigh Ellis CoolCare LTD
Leigh Ellis

“Exceeded expectations. The Touchpoint Leak™  Assessment meeting with Rachael was an epiphany.”

Ian Else Ovation Finance
Ian Else