The Right Work

First Flow Foundation
Your Healthy & Nutritious Diet

A healthy client mix is made up of those that serve both purpose and profit, ensuring your business is energised and resourced.

The Right Work

The Right Work sits at the intersection of purpose and profit, ensuring that your business is both fully energised and resourced. You know you have this right when a good 80% or more fo the work on your books lights your soul, and tops up your bank balance.

You’ll get a sense that you’re on wobbly ground with this one if you have a fair number of clients that leave you exhausted, or barely cover their own costs. Other signs that this needs attention are that you hate saying no to potential new business – not least because you don’t know who or how to refer them on with dignity. You may also find yourself struggling to put your prices up, and wasting time responding to enquiries for work you don’t, or would rather not, offer. You may also be finding yourself being reactive, rather than proactive, about showcase opportunities for your business.

Strategic Projects

Customer Characterisations

Development of four clear Customer Characterisations for each of the four quadrants of the PP Matrix.

Product / Service Analysis

Assessment of pricing and cost-to-serve to determine profitability, then strategic value and other factors to assess the purposefulness of your market offerings.

Competitor Review

Understanding how your propositions sit within a competitive landscape, including identification of your Real Competitors

Proposition Clarification

Using this information to develop, or clarify, your core set of Complete & Compelling Propositions.

Four Profit Strategies

Synthesis of these elements to clearly define your Focus, Showcase, Systemise and Referral strategies from within the PP Matrix.
Client Example

Monkey Puzzle Training & Consultancy

Karen Meager, Co-Founder of Monkey Puzzle Training & Consultancy, worked systematically through the 1-year Masterplan programme, then had her co-founder do the same. They then retained a Certified Practitioner for a further year. In total, their journey with Watertight Marketing was a three-year phased process of learning, implementing and then embedding the methodology.

In the first twelve months they won contracts with exactly the right kind of clients that doubled their turnover. They credit much of this to taking on board the Watertight mantra of slowing sales down. With the tools and process in place to take major global clients through a deeply considered purchase, rather than jumping for the quick contract, has radically changed who they work with, and the scale of the projects.

Monkey Puzzle was able to achieve the vision for their business in three that they thought would take seven.

Is this where you need to focus?

Find out if this is the Flow Foundation that most needs your attention with our 10-minute benchmarking test.

Everything we do with our clients is focused on ensuring that marketing is set up to support more, and more profitable, sales flow into your business. The Watertight Marketing Test breaks down your overall marketing flow score across the Four Flow Foundations, you can to pinpoint precisely where to focus your marketing energy.

  • First Flow Foundation: The Right Work 77% 77%
  • Second Flow Foundation: Balanced Routine 57% 57%
  • Third Flow Foundation: Baseline Rhythm 37% 37%
  • Fourth Flow Foundation: Maintain Momentum 73% 73%

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