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Are you a marketing professional working in a scaling SME looking for like-minded people to talk strategy with? Join us on the first Wednesday of every month for a panel discussion focusing in on how to position marketing strategically within growing businesses, so that you and the business can truly thrive.

Next Live Session: Wednesday 7th December, Midday

Shining a light on your vision, values and goals

Why your vision needs numbers and narrative if you’re going to bring your team with you to reach your goals and also enjoy the journey.

Agreeing vision, values, goals and milestones is a shared responsibility across the leadership team. Marketing’s role is to turn these into something that engages and inspires employees, suppliers, clients and prospects. In this session, we’ll be discussing how to do that, what’s involved and how marketing shines a light on the truth – so it better a truth that merits it!

Do come along and share your experiences and thoughts – we’d love to know what’s worked for you.

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Week 1

Join us live for a roundtable discussion about marketing, between marketing people.

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Week 2

Listen back to the discussion in our edited highlight podcast episode.

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Week 3

Read Rachael’s write up from the session with a collation of the Watertight Wisdom from the session.

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Week 4

Read the post that sets up the next month’s discussion to get your thinking going.

Future Dates:

  • 7th December - Shining a light on your vision, values and goals
  • 1st February 2023 - What a business leader needs to know about marketing
  • 1st March 2023 - What matters most to effective marketing, context or competence?
  • 5th April 2023 - Creating seamless marketing, sales and service teams
  • 3rd May 2023 - How marketing can support different kinds of growth: lifetime value, margin, volume. 

Previous Sessions

7th Dec: Shining a light on your vision, values and goals

How and where marketers need to get involved in shaping, embedding and communicating company values.

“Thanks Bryony. Really clear and informative session.”

“Highly motivating. Thank you so much for sharing your time.”

“Thank you for such a great thought provoking presentation once again.”

“Thanks Bryony, that was really thought provoking. Very inspirational.”

“It’s been a great use of my time today – so glad I heard about it this.”

“It does seem a wee bit like Everest at times…. but you break it down so well. Thanks”

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First Wednesday of the Month | Midday

Small businesses matter.

Thriving small businesses are the results of countless hours of emotional and financial energy. Often the founders and directors have risked their mortgages, marriages, mental health, and more. When these people, and the leaders within their businesses, tell us that their marketing isn’t working as well as they want it to, we know it really matters.