Comprehensive companion courses and resources to support you in embedding the Watertight Marketing Methodology.

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Work your way through the materials chapter-by-chapter, or one marketing leak at a time, at a pace and depth that suits you.

The Watertight Marketing book is just the start of your journey to underpinning sustainable sales results. Behind every key idea, model and framework, we have worksheets, case studies, tools and templates to support you in applying the approach in your own context. These include:

  • Free Overview & Getting Started Courses: A set of core courses that show you how it all fits together, and gets you into using the materials.
  • Chapter Companion Courses: A structured video-guided course, with pen & paper exercises and worked examples designed by Bryony Thomas.
  • Leak Tweaking Tutorials: A full set of videos, worksheets and examples for each of the Touchpoint Leaks™  to allow you to work through them in the sequence that’s right for your own content.
  • Technique Tutorials: Short courses that overlay the methodology on a specific marketing technique, e.g. social media.
  • Tips & Interviews: Quick and practical answers to the questions we’re most often asked, with expert interviews where they have answers to bring.


Company Learning Account

Set-up a company-wide learning account for 25+ people so that they can access the courses and resources they need to support your Watertight Marketing Operation.

Practitioner Guided

Work with a Certified Practitioner to determine which courses and resources you need, supplemented with coaching and facilitation with them to apply it in practice.

Self Serve

Work through the materials under your own steam and at your own pace, dipping into the support groups and fortnightly Q&A to have your questions answered.

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We’ve created three key courses to show you how it all fits together and you get started with putting the ideas into powerful effect.

Free Course: How to Use Your Copy of Watertight Marketing

This free course has been designed by Bryony Thomas to walk you through how the four parts of the book fit together, and how people have had most success in understanding using the ideas. This course also releases the core companion workbooks that accompany the book. Find out more → 

Free Course: 4 Steps to Sustainable Sales

This free course has been designed by Bryony Thomas as an end-to-end overview of the methodology, in which she introduces four of the core frameworks from each part of the book. This is the best way to get the big picture view of the whole approach, in order to start thinking about how best to apply it in your own context. Find out more → 

Free Course: The MDs Essential Marketing Checklist

This free course has been designed by Bryony Thomas specifically for the CEO or MD of a scaling seven figure business (or one with aspirations to become one). It poses 27 key questions to allow you assess your own marketing mindset and approach to marketing as a discipline. Find out more → 

How much does Watertight Webschool cost?

Once you’ve set-up your learning account, you can access free ‘getting started’ courses, or add-on the deeper courses you want on a subscription or pay-as-you-go basis.

Free Account

The free learning account gets you access to the overview and ‘getting started’ courses and an invitation into our lively community groups.

Monthly Subscription

Subscribe for a monthly course credit allocation. You then redeem your credits against the courses you wish to access. All monthly subscribers also have access to live fortnightly Q&A.


Buy the courses you want, when you want them. You will also have access to fortnightly Q&A in any time you are active within one of the courses you’ve bought.

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