Balanced Routine

Second Flow Foundation
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A balanced marketing routine is one that has an effective tool or technique mapped to every step of a sales journey.

Balanced Routine

A Balanced Marketing Routine is one that is carefully mapped to ensure that every step a person’s buying decision is supported with effective marketing tools. This is like a well-rounded exercise plan.

You’ll get a sense that you’re on wobbly ground with this one if your individual marketing tools are good – but despite that you’re not getting the results you want. You may find that you get plenty of leads, but they don’t convert, or conversely you convert brilliantly but don’t have enough interested enquirers. In each instance, this is often because you have missing links in your path to purchase, or an unbalanced marketing routine.

Strategic Projects

Journey Mapping

Map out the stages and steps in a buying journey to understand the marketing tasks at each.

Messaging Matrix

Identifying compelling messages for every step of a sale, using The Logic Sandwich model.

Tool Selection

Identifying an integrated set of marketing tools using The Time Triangle framework.

Identifying Influencers

Identifying the third parties that impact different stages in the buying journey, using the Influencer Icecream model.

Priority Planning

A sequenced plan of which investments to make, clarified into a Do It, Delay It, and Ditch It List.

Marketing Activity Plan

Collation of these elements into a one page marketing activity plan per journey.

Marketing Gap Analysis

Assessment of the marketing you have in place to identify the opportunities for improvement, using a Touchpoint Leak™  Traffic Light.

Marketing Tool Investments

Suggested tool selection and investments to support the identified customer journeys, using the Leak Tweak Themes.

Client Example


Hollie Brooks, co-founder of Audenza (an online retailer of beautiful things for your home and garden) uses the Touchpoint Leak™  Assessment as a core tool in their business.

In her first year of applying the assessment, and then systematically tweaking their Red leaks to Amber, they doubled both their profit and their turnover. This was achieved by working through the Masterplan programme and with internal resource and elbow grease.

In the second year of applying this, they felt confident to make deeper investments, including a full rename and rebrand. They doubled again in this 12-month window.

Is this where you need to focus?

Find out if this is the Flow Foundation that most needs your attention with our 10-minute benchmarking test.

Everything we do with our clients is focused on ensuring that marketing is set up to support more, and more profitable, sales flow into your business. The Watertight Marketing Test breaks down your overall marketing flow score across the Four Flow Foundations, you can to pinpoint precisely where to focus your marketing energy.

  • First Flow Foundation: The Right Work 77% 77%
  • Second Flow Foundation: Balanced Routine 57% 57%
  • Third Flow Foundation: Baseline Rhythm 37% 37%
  • Fourth Flow Foundation: Maintain Momentum 73% 73%

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