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Get more done. Feel more confident. Make an impact in your role.

The subscription for marketers, and marketing teams, who want to the tools and support to excel as a board level marketing professional.

The tools and support for marketers that mean business

Whether you’re a senior marketing professional wanting a sounding board, or earlier in your career with real ambition, the CMO Toolkit subscription from Watertight Marketing will give you the tools and support to boost your personal effectiveness and professional credibility.

Included in your subscription:

  • One to one mentoring.
  • Tried and tested tips & templates.
  • Strategic projects resources.
  • Online co-working days.
  • Live roundtables and Q&A.
  • Online cheerleading and advice from experts and peers.
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Hands up if this sounds good…

World class resources to use in your projects

Get a head start on key strategic projects, like planning, budgeting, messaging, etc. with resources we’re designed and refined over more than a decade.

Experts and peers to sound out your ideas

Run your ideas by experienced marketing strategists and marketers in similar roles to you before you put them to your team.

Stop suffering from marketing FOMO

You see what others are doing, and the slew of online gurus telling you that they have the secret, and feel that you’re not doing enough, or you’re missing a trick, use our community to ground yourself and be selective about what you do.

Cut through the overwhelm of ideas

There are more ideas in your head, and coming at you every day, than you could ever implement properly, use our tools to prioritise.

Cross more off your list

Put aside a day a month to join our co-working session to get key items of irritating ‘should do’ things crossed off your list.

Get some validation that you're on the right track

Boost your confidence and credibility with our tools and support, and get that critical outside perspective or expert eye from time to time.

All my best stuff…

“I’m Bryony Thomas, the author and founder of Watertight Marketing. Having worked with businesses as large as Microsoft and as micro as the kitchen table.

My marketing career started in 1997, and I took on my first director level role when I was aged just 28. The key thing I’ve learned is how to get others on side. Pass me a marketing cynic and I’ll return you a convert. My favourite colleagues to bring on side are maverick MDs, busy sales people, and fastidious finance folk.

When you subscribe to the CMO Toolkit you get all of the materials I’ve created and curated over the last 25 years. Anything I’ve done that I think you’d find useful, it’s in the toolkit!”

Bryony Laptop Screen

On your side, cheering you on

“Hi, I’m Rachael Wheatley. I’ll be your main cheerleader in using the resources and tapping into the community within the CMO Toolkit.

I’ve worked in marketing for over 30 years, and with Bryony for the last decade. My client side roles have mainly been in professional services, where marketing has often had to push hard to get a seat at the table strategically.

I love supporting marketers to step into their confidence and work at board level. Translating the business plan into clear marketing plans is my thing. I’m here for your questions, wobbles, rants and raves. Bring it, we’re here for you!”

Anchored in a proven methodology

Everything we do in CMO Toolkit will be anchored within the Watertight Marketing methodology, which means that:

  • You know it’s been proven and tested by over 3500 businesses.
  • You can see where everything fits in the bigger picture of your whole marketing set-up.
  • You can explain to others, in terms that relate to sales outcomes, why you’re doing the marketing you’re doing.
  • You can refer to the best-selling book to put any given tip, tool or template into context.

“[The Ask Almost Anything surgery] was an incredibly useful and valuable session – more than worth the membership fee for this alone!”

Rebecca Wise Marketing Manager, Premier Heating Solutions
Rebecca Wise

“The Club helps me find the right time to do things and has really helped me focus on what needs to be done, when.”

Liz Davidson CMO, QRoutes
Liz Davidson

“The only marketing book you’ll ever need”

Kirsty I. 
Kirsty I.

“Everything you need to know about marketing in one place.”

Alison Edgar 
Alison Edgar

“This is a brilliant and inspirational update not a new book”

Cheryl Crichton 
Cheryl Crichton

“Practical, actionable and a proven method. What more could you want from a Marketing book?”

Chris Turner 
Chris Turner

“Excellent book with practical and achievable marketing advice for all SMEs”

Julie Peel Inspired Design
Julie Peel

“Every small business owner should read this book”

Nicholas Taimitarha 
Nicholas Taimitarha

“Great way to integrate marketing with sales”

Sarah H. 
Sarah H.

“Ideal for those who think outside the box”

Elaine Hollerhead 
Elaine Hollerhead

“Readable, Relatable, Practical”


Great marketing guidance for businesses.

Tim Rylatt 
Tim Rylatt

It all makes sense!!

Robs W 
Robs W

This book and the Make Marketing Happen Club were the missing links to my marketing strategy. Highly recommended

Lisa Flamingo 
Lisa Flamingo

Enlightening, gave me clarity on the missing links

Lisa Flamingo 
Lisa Flamingo

“Bryony’s theory has revolutionised my thinking after 20 years in marketing.”

Alison Dowsett Blacktrace Holdings Ltd
Alison Dowsett

“I think it might be quite good.”

Colin Bryony's Dad

“Absolutely brilliant! I love this book. I’ve learned SO much, but at the same time, it’s such a good and pleasurable read.”

Hil Gibb 
Hil Gibb

“The best marketing book bar none. Looking at the entire customer journey from first awareness through to loyalty.”

Almira Ross 
Almira Ross

“The Best Marketing Book Out There. This book contains all the information you need in one place, and it does so in a way that is easy to understand and straight to the point with no jargon.”

Rachel Amazon Review

Every Subscriber Gets

A careful balance of thinking and doing tasks across a monthly rhythm.

Project Resources

Project Resource Packs

Comprehensive toolkits & guides to support key strategic projects like setting your budget, metrics, establishing key messages, etc. Choose 1, 3 or 6 packs per year.


Watertight Wednesdays

Our monthly schedule of healthy discussion and debate for senior marketers.

Live Sessions

Live Sessions

  • One-to-one mentoring
  • Monthly online co-working
  • Expert panels and Q&A
Book Basics

Book Basics

  • ‘Getting the Most from your Book’ short course
  • Starter Workbook
  • Author’s Talk-Through
Printed Resources

Printed Resources

  • Quarterly activity planner
  • Key concepts posters
  • Workshop materials
In the Vault

In the Vault

An extensive and growing archive of handy tips videos,  content ideas, and key challenges. Over 70 resources on day one.

Member Discount

Member Discounts

Attend our training days and top up on printed resources at a special member price.


Peer Group Community

A lively community of experts and peers to talk to about any challenges or projects you’re working on.

Choose your subscription

Download PDF Product Sheet, or call 0117 325 77 25 for more information


Terms & Conditions apply. Subscriptions are payable annually or quarterly in advance. Additional members can access the same resources at 50%. Complete the order form and we will send you terms and an invoice for payment. Subscription commences on payment.

Hear what our members think of the club

“This book and the Club were the missing links to my marketing strategy. Highly recommended”

Lisa Flamingo

“[The Ask Almost Anything surgery] was an incredibly useful and valuable session – more than worth the membership fee for this alone!”

Rebecca Wise

Marketing Manager, Premier Heating Solutions

Your Questions Answered

Who is this the club for?

This is a subscription for people who do marketing as part of their job. It’s a sleeves up, get it done, space for marketers who want to get more done and feel more confident. It’s all going to make more sense if you’ve read and enjoyed the Watertight Marketing book, as that’s what we’ll be implementing. It’s for all levels of marketers. There are elements valuable for marketing managers, executives and marketing directors.

We do accept marketing coaches, consultants, advisors, agencies or other marketing services suppliers. Since they will be using the materials for their clients, we have different terms. Contact us at for more information.

When can I start?

You can start at any time. All you need to do is fill in the form and then we will let you know what happens next and what you need to do to sign-up and pay.

Can we join as a team?

Yes, absolutely – the Club is great for a team who will get lots from group membership. Additional team members from the same organisation can get access to the same materials as the full paying subscriber at 50% of the published price.

Can I get one to one feedback and support?

There main way to get one-to-one support is to buy add-on coaching sessions as and when you need them. We are also always in and out of the Community, so you’ll get great specific feedback from us and your peers there too.

Also, don’t forget, that with each project resource pack you get 30 mins coaching on how to implement that pack.

What if I miss a session?

Some sessions are recorded and added to the CMO Toolkit Vault. We recommend you join the week-long challenges live and take part along with an expert to get the best value, but these are also recorded and added to the Vault.

Do I have to use everything?

We’ve packed a lot into your subscription. We don’t expect everyone to do everything each month, but the more you do, the more value you get.

How much time will I need to get value from this?

A typical minimum engagement to get value is likely to be 2 or 3 things a month. For instance, that could be::

  • Watch or read any single item from The Vault = 10 minutes
  • Participate in the Roundtables / Get it Done Day = 6 hours
  • Join the monthly Ask [Almost] Anything Session = 90 minutes

We’d also recommend completing one of the week-long challenges each year, which requires 6-8 hours of your time spread across the week. Spend more time if you want to. 

Don’t forget you will have at least one project resource pack as part of your subscription; this will take at least 1-2 days to work through and implement. You’d expect to spend at least that time on a strategic project; it’s made easier because you won’t be starting from scratch!

Is this online or in person?

This is all done online, so you can join from wherever you are. Live calls are conducted using the Live Room in the Community or Zoom, and all resources are delivered via your personal login to Watertight Webschool from your desktop or via the app.

When do I receive the Project Resource packs?

If you’ve subscribed at Level 1, you pay up front for the whole year and you will receive your project resource pack immediately. If you’ve subscribed at Level 2 or 3 you will be invoiced quarterly and packs will be released pro rata across the year on payment of the quarterly fee.

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel your membership at any time via your login. Since this is an annual membership, your access will continue until the end of your membership year. No refunds or part refunds are available. Full terms will be shared on sign-up.

I'm not in the UK, can I join?

If you’re okay to join in with things on London time, we’re happy to have you. The Roundtables and live calls are all within office hours on UK time. If that’s the middle of the night for you, it’s probably not going to work.

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