A Common Language

You can build a world-class marketing capability that sits as a tangible system asset in your business.

Create a business-wide approach with deep knowledge, practical skills, proven processes and watertight workflows built using our extensive library of models, frameworks, processes, checklists and templates designed and refined over two decades and across 3500+ organisations.

Flow Foundations Cycle
Strategic Thinking Toolkit

For Marketers that Mean Business

Our proven process is organised into the four Flow Foundations, which underpin confident marketing decisions that lead to sustained and sustainable sales growth.

F1: First Flow Foundation

The Right Work

A healthy client mix is made up of those that serve both purpose and profit, ensuring your business is energised and resourced.

F2: Second Flow Foundation

Balanced Routine

A balanced marketing routine is one that has an effective tool or technique mapped to every step of a decision journey.

F4: Fourth Flow Foundation

Maintain Momentum

Maintaining enthusiasm is made possible by a compelling business vision that is translated into a clear plan.

F3: Third Flow Foundation

Baseline Rhythm

A commitment to marketing that is consistently delivered at intervals and pace matched to your market.

World Class Thinking Tools

The methodology and the book is organised into four key phases each with its own proven thinking toolkit to help you make confident marketing decisions

What Are You Selling to Whom?

The PP Matrix

4 Monetisation Strategies

4 Customer Personas

Yo-Yo Marketing

Touchpoint Leaks™

Your Proposition

Map Your Marketing Baseline

The Logic Sandwich™

The Right to Time

Zig-Zag Journeys

Next Step & Slow Selling

The Right to Time

TDM Value Exchange

Tweak Your Marketing Leaks

50+ frameworks organised by…

Your Bucket: Keeping profitable customers

Your Funnels & Filters: Converting the right people

Your Taps: Finding the right prospects

Maintaining Marketing Momentum

Budget Shape

ABC Budgeting

Volumes & Ratios

Time Horizons & Intervals

CLV & Payback

Marketing Fitness

Vision & Steps

Find out how this all fits together by reading the book…

Bryony Thomas is the author of the Watertight Marketing book, which has been in its best-sellers since its release in 2013. Fully updated and expanded in 2020. 

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Using Watertight Thinking Tools

There are typically three ways that people use our materials in their businesses:

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Watertight is a really good way of having a shared language with business leaders who understand that there is a need for some form of marketing but don’t really understand why

Melanie Osborne

Marketing Director, Nviro

Four Foundations of Marketing Fitness

Supporting Healthy Business Growth

Working with us ensures that you have clear answers to these four critical questions so that your marketing has the foundations to support more and better sales flow.

Flow Foundation 1

Flow Foundation 1

The Right Work

To whom are you offering what?

Flow Foundation 1

Flow Foundation 2

Balanced Routine

How will you support their decision?

Flow Foundation 1

Flow Foundation 3

Baseline Rhythm

When and how often will you show up?

Flow Foundation 1

Flow Foundation 4

Maintain Momentum

Why, and with what goals and milestones?

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Watertight gave us a common language to use in the business. It’s given the marketing and sales teams a language that they can understand, and they can use when working together.

Simon King

Director, Inside Travel Group

I would recommend Watertight Marketing to small and medium sized businesses who want sustainable growth, who are looking to reduce the overwhelm and progress in a way that feels manageable to start achieving those goals.

Liz Davidson

CMO, QRoutes

 “Watertight is not marketing to me. It’s a way of business thinking.

Brian Warren

MD, Nviro