Planning Packs

Everything you need to use Watertight in your business

Tools, templates & training

Put Watertight thinking into powerful effect in your business with the help of our planning packs. Learning materials, videos, templates and guidance together with all you need to run your own workshops. Use our tools in your marketing planning, to engage your team or embed a common language in the wider business.

However you use them, they’ve been specially created to support you in your job.

Each pack contains:

  • Short video course
  • Exercises to help you apply the tools
  • Slides to run a workshop
  • Slide guide to help you facilitate workshops
  • Worksheets
  • Report template
  • Sample report
  • Visual prompt posters
  • Optional 30 minute call with us
  • Optional access for colleagues
Flow Foundation 1

Get an overview of your marketing fitness and find out what to do about it. Using our brand new app, assess your marketing fitness using feedback from across the business. Create a summary report and recommendations using our template.

Flow Foundation 1

Prioritise your activities with the help of the 13 Touchpoint Leaks™, our marketing gap analysis tool. Deepen your knowledge of each Leak and how to tweak it with the video course (includes definition for each Leak and ideas around three key themes). Involve your team in creating a Do it, Delay it and Ditch it list by running a workshop with our guidance. Create a report and action plan using our template.

Flow Foundation 1

Finding the balance between satisfying emotional and logical needs. Understand the different bases of decision making and map a set of interconnected marketing messages to support your customer’s buying journey.

Flow Foundation 1

How to earn the right to your customers’ time. Explore the timed interactions people take across a decision journey. Map out a set of marketing tools that help them spend more and more time with you.

Flow Foundation 1

Who has your customer’s ear and how to get them on side. Understand who people turn to over the course of their decision. Map and prioritise those third parties that you need to reach as part of your marketing plan.

“The Watertight frameworks have given me a lot of confidence to make decisions and get team buy–in.”

Kim Slater

Brand Strategy & Ops Manager, FD Works

“The Touchpoint Leak™ Assessment is the best tool I have ever seen in helping someone organise their marketing priorities while taking in the whole picture.”

Nicola Cook

Company Shortcuts

“To me, Watertight Marketing puts a language and structure in place and helps me justify and explain why it matters.”

Melanie Osborne

Marketing Director, Nviro

Choose your Pack

Size of Company

1 Year Licence

3 Year Licence


For use within an organisation of less than 5 employees.

1 Year Licence


3 Year Licence



For use within an organisation of 6-12 employees.

1 Year Licence


3 Year Licence



For use within an organisation of 13-50 employees.

1 Year Licence


3 Year Licence



For use within an organisation of 51-250 employees.

1 Year Licence


3 Year Licence


Please note a maximum of 3 planning packs in total can be purchased by any one organisation.
Terms and conditions apply

Who are the planning packs for?

For in-house marketers. You can use the tools to create a marketing plan, share with your team to facilitate your thinking and run internal workshops. They are there to support you in your job and make your life easier!

How much time will it take to go watch the videos?

Usually, around 90 minutes. The Touchpoint Leak™ pack is a longer – around 2.5 hours.

How much time will it take me to prepare to run a workshop?

We’ve tried to make the set-up as quick as possible so it depends how much you add to the materials, such as adding your own logo to the slides or thinking about which of your own examples to include in the workshop. Once you have watched the videos it will probably take 1-2 hours to go through the workshop slides and slide guide. Add on enough time to practice so you feel comfortable running the workshop. Remember that once you’ve done this once, it will take much less time thereafter.

Tell me more about the report templates

Once you’ve watched the videos, completed the exercises or run a workshop you can turn what you’ve learned into a report and action plan. We’ve provided templates and completed samples. These are either stand-alone reports or can be integrated into your marketing plans.

What if I need some help or have questions?

We’ve thought of that too! With each planning pack you can opt to book a 30 minute call with us. Use it to ask questions, for guidance, whatever you need to make best use of the materials. 

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