What is Watertight up to in 2023?

We’ve been deep in thinking, refining our offering for maturing small businesses in the £2-20m bracket. Those who are looking to lock in the success they’ve worked hard for, release lynchpin individuals from the day to day, and bottle what they do brilliantly to scale more smoothly. 

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Firm Foundations & Healthy Growth

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Flow Foundation 1


Master the Methodology

From full methodology training, to quick tweaks to your marketing leaks.

Flow Foundation 1


Bespoke Engagements

Working as your partner in building a Watertight growth platform



Make Marketing Happen

The members’ club for anyone using Watertight to make better business decisions



Professional Status

Plans for the Watertight Marketing Certified Practitioner network


And… Software!

Your Business Brain

Exciting news about our powerful software coming your way next year!

Welcoming You

Session Hosts

Bryony Thomas

Bryony is the creator of the Watertight Business Thinking methodology, based on original research in 2005. She has now tested and refined the decision-making frameworks across 3000+ organisations, and focused on the needs of established SMEs looking to grow beyond their visionary founder.

Rachael Wheatley

Rachael Wheatley

Rachael brings over 30 years’ of marketing experience, with a particular focus on building and developing effective marketing teams that are able to act as a strategic driving force across an organisation. She has worked with Bryony and Watertight since 2014, and has been pivotal to its practical application.

Rachael Wheatley

Cheryl Crichton

Cheryl and Bryony have worked together since 2001 in various capacities and make an incredible team. She brings 25+ years’ experience of working for the country’s most demanding clients in her early career, and with stand-out small businesses in the last decade.

Based On The Best-Selling Book

Watertight Marketing

“Everything you need to know about marketing in one place.”

Alison Edgar 
Alison Edgar

“There isn’t one bit of this book that isn’t useful. No matter how long you have worked in marketing.”

Amy Grenham Marketing Manager
Amy Grenham

Great marketing guidance for businesses.

Tim Rylatt 
Tim Rylatt

“Every small business owner should read this book”

Nicholas Taimitarha 
Nicholas Taimitarha

“Great way to integrate marketing with sales”

Sarah H. 
Sarah H.

It all makes sense!!

Robs W 
Robs W

“Readable, Relatable, Practical”


“I loved the book. We’ve actually enjoyed working through the materials – not least because it works!”

Dave Carr, MD EazyCollect
Dave Carr, MD

“Watertight Marketing is a no-nonsense guide to help step up the marketing of your business in a truly different way.”

Christian Tait, Owner Creative Cadence
Christian Tait, Owner

“Excellent book with practical and achievable marketing advice for all SMEs”

Julie Peel Inspired Design
Julie Peel

“Hands down the best book on marketing there is. There’s no fluff only easy to use, easy to implement ideas and concepts.”

Joe Leech MRJOE Ltd
Joe Leech

“Absolutely brilliant! I love this book. I’ve learned SO much, but at the same time, it’s such a good and pleasurable read.”

Hil Gibb 
Hil Gibb

“This book has packed a huge punch for me. It has helped me structure my thinking – and doing – in a way that few other marketing thinkers or other books have.”

Deborah Kingsley, MD KPC Communication
Deborah Kingsley, MD

“Bryony’s theory has revolutionised my thinking after 20 years in marketing.”

Alison Dowsett Blacktrace Holdings Ltd
Alison Dowsett

“I think it might be quite good.”

Colin Bryony's Dad
Watertight Marketing